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Keith Eaton , MD, PhD

Email: kdeaton@u.washington.edu

Phone: (206) 288-7485

Dr. Eaton applies expert research knowledge to treating patients with lung cancer. His clinical expertise is in the areas of lung cancer, head and neck cancer, thyroid cancer, and cancer of unknown primary. His research interests include Immunotherapy and Targeted Therapies.

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Michael Emerman , PhD

Email: memerman@fredhutch.org

Phone: (206) 667-5058

Dr. Emerman's Lab studies the molecular and evolutionary basis for the replication of HIV and related viruses, with an emphasis on the interaction of these viruses with their host cells. Our goal is to understand what determines resistance or vulnerability to current, past and potential viral diseases.

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Stephen Friend , MD, PhD

Email: friend@sagebase.org

Phone: (206) 667-2101

Dr. Stephen Friend is a world leader in efforts to make large scale, data-intensive biology more openly accessible to citizens and the entire research community in order to accelerate scientific progress. He is a co-founder of Sage Bionetworks, a nonprofit institute working to create an open-access Internet database for researchers worldwide to share their genomic data. Sage bionetworks is hosted by Fred Hutchinson Cancer research Center and its goal to build predictive models of cancer.

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Emily Hatch , PhD

Email: ehatch@fredhutch.org

Dr. Emily Hatch studies the structure and dynamics of the mammalian nuclear envelope (NE). Her goals are to understand the molecular mechanisms that initiate NE remodeling in interphase and how defects in NE stability impact cancer development and disease pathogenesis. Her approach combines imaging, biochemical, and genomic techniques with cell-based systems to understand how NE proteins are altered during interphase remodeling, the nuclear and cellular consequences of disrupting the NE barrier, and the long-term effects of NE disruption on cell proliferation and functioning.

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David Haynor , MD, PhD

Email: haynor@u.washington.edu

Phone: (206) 543-3320

Dr. Haynor's expertise is in the area of radiology, neuroradiology and neurology. His research involves applications of image processing, such as morphometrics, functional MRI, brain perfusion and white matter tract mapping. He is particularly interested in using these techniques to track structural brain differences in fetal alcohol syndrome, disorders of development and neurodegenerative disease.

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Eric Holland , MD, PhD

Email: eholland@fredhutch.org

Phone: (206) 667-6117

Dr. Holland is a neurosurgeon and brain cancer researcher. His research goal is to address the molecular basis of brain tumors and develop new treatment approaches. His research focuses on developing mouse models of brain cancer that mimic how the disease behaves in patients. He has vast experience in conducting clinical trials in glioma patients and developing imaging strategies to follow mouse brain tumors as they develop a powerful system that is used to test promising new drugs.

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Paul Lampe , PhD

Email: plampe@fredhutch.org

Phone: (206) 667-4123

Dr. Lampe and his lab investigate the control of cell growth both at the cell biological/ mechanistic level and through cancer biomarker discovery. He studies the cell biology connecting gap junctions and intercellular communication (GJIC) with the control of cell growth, the cell cycle and, how the relationship is disrupted during carcinogenesis. To perform these studies he utilizes a variety of cell, molecular and biochemical techniques including GFP chimeras to monitor gap junctions in living cells.

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Christoph Lee , MD, MSHS

Email: stophlee@uw.edu

Phone: (206) 288-6783

Dr. Lee is a radiologist in the Breast Imaging department. He specializes in breast cancer screening, breast MRI, breast ultrasound, and image-guided interventional breast procedures. His research interests include imaging-based breast cancer screening, diagnosis and surveillance; risk-based cancer screening; technology assessment; radiology health services research; and radiology practice management.

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Jean Lee , MD

Email: jeanhlee@u.washington.edu

Phone: (206) 598-0023

Dr. Lee is a radiologist who specializes in imaging for high-risk localized prostate cancer. Her clinical expertise is in prostate imaging, hepatobiliary, pancreatic and transplant imaging.

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Hannah Linden , MD

Email: hmlinden@u.washington.edu

Phone: (206) 288-1234

Dr. Linden is an academic breast cancer specialist and is active in clinical and translational research including estrogen receptor targeted therapies. Her clinical expertise include endocrine treatment of breast cancer, investigational breast cancer clinical treatments, molecular imaging, and improving care for vulnerable populations.

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Jonathan (Jon) Liu , PhD, MS

Email: jonliu@uw.edu

Phone: (206) 543-5339

Dr. Liu's work focuses on developing optical strategies for biomedical diagnostics and therapy. These endeavors require multi-disciplinary advances in optical devices, contrast agents, image processing, and preclinical/clinical studies. For example, over the past few years, our lab has published on the simulation and development of a miniaturized advanced volumetric microscopy technology to enable real-time point-of-care pathology, as well as the development of molecularly targeted contrast agents to guide the surgical resection of tumors. These complementary technologies have the potential to revolutionize patient care by providing surgeons with a real-time alternative to invasive biopsy and frozen-sectioning pathology for confirming the status of tissues at the final stages of surgery. In addition, our lab is developing spectral imaging devices in conjunction with multiplexed Raman nanoparticles for the endoscopic visualization of large panels of disease biomarkers. This technology for the rapid molecular phenotyping of tissues has the potential to improve the early detection and surgical treatment of cancers, as well as to guide personalized therapies.

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Lawrence (Larry) MacDonald , PhD

Email: macdon@uw.edu

Phone: (206) 543-3653

Dr. MacDonald's research involves transforming newly established core technologies into imaging systems that enhance and/or expand medical imaging in application-specific and general-purpose SPECT, PET, and CT scanners. He works to improve existing scanners by trying to quantify the limitations of existing methods on final image quality, modeling how improvements to the underlying detector methods will affect final images, then attempting to confirm predictions with measured data.

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David Madtes , MD

Email: dmadtes@fredhutch.org

Phone: (206) 667-4589

Dr. Madtes is a pulmonary and critical care specialist whose clinical and research expertise are in lung cancer early detection and prevention using ultra-low-dose CT imaging, and the treatment of pulmonary complications from bone marrow transplant (BMT) and general oncology.

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Cecilia Moens , PhD

Email: cmoens@fredhutch.org

Phone: (206) 667-5627

Dr. Moens lab studies the early development of the nervous system, using the transparent zebrafish embryo as a model system. Interests in her lab include the cellular mechanisms of neuroepithelial morphogenesis, the role of the planar cell polarity (PCP) pathway in directed neuron migration, and the mechanism of electrical synapse formation in the well-characterized neural circuit that drives the larval escape response. A new cancer project in the lab takes advantage of the transparency of the larval fish to visualize at high resolution the metastatic behaviors of human melanoma cells as they interact with macrophages and endothelial cells in the tumor microenvironment.

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Wayne Monsky , MD, PhD

Email: wmonsky@uw.edu

Phone: 206 598-1454

Dr. Monsky is director of interventional radiology at the Harborview Medical Center and also provides clinical care at the UW Medical Center. He is a UW associate professor of radiology. He is an expert in all aspects of interventional radiology including minimally invasive therapies for cancer, uterine fibroids, deep venous thrombosis, and gastrointestinal bleeding. He also conducts research on novel approaches to treat solid malignancies, remove blood clots and the use of advanced ultrasound techniques to diagnose and treat a number of diseases, as a member of the Ultrasound-based Washington Molecular Imaging and Therapy Center. He has been integral to the development and optimization of a number of state-of-the-art novel medical devices.

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Mariam Moshiri , MD

Email: Moshiri@uw.edu

Phone: (206) 598-0024

Dr. Moshiri is an associate professor in the diagnostic radiology department with fellowship training in body imaging. Her areas of expertise include high-risk obstetric imaging, male and female genitourinary imaging, and gastrointestinal imaging.

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Ata Moshiri , MD, MPH

Email: amoshiri@uw.edu

Dr. Moshiri is the director of the T-VEC (talimogene laherparepvec) program at SCCA. With a background in cutaneous oncology and dermatopathology he is most interested in the genetic alterations that create and perpetuate cancer. Dr. Moshiri also has an interest in pigmented lesions and the use of non-invasive skin imaging to diagnose and monitor lesions.

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Viswam Nair , MD, MS

Email: vnair@fredhutch.org

Phone: (206) 667-4971

Dr. Viswam Nair translates fundamental scientific discoveries into the clinic to improve the care of people with lung cancer. His research focuses on biomarkers, or telltale biological markers of health or disease. He studies how to best integrate molecular and imaging-based biomarkers into clinical practice to improve lung cancer detection and treatment.

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Johnnie Orozco , MD, PhD

Email: jorozco@fredhutch.org

Phone: (206) 667-4102

Dr. Orozco is a hematology oncologist who specializes in treating patients with leukemia and lymphoma. Dr. Orzoco is actively involved in translational bench research, investigating novel therapeutic approaches for hematologic malignancies that are less toxic by improved targeting of therapy to the malignancy, and improving therapeutic options for patients.

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James Park , MD, FACS

Email: jopark@u.washington.edu

Phone: (206) 685-4672

Dr. Park's clinical practice is focused on the treatment of benign and malignant diseases of the liver, gall bladder, bile duct, pancreas and upper gastrointestinal tract. He also has a research lab which studies cancer-targeted imaging and treatment using nanotechnology.

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