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Savannah Partridge , PhD

Email: scp3@u.washington.edu

Phone: (206) 288-1306

Dr. Partridge is a breast imaging radiologist with research interests in diffusion-weighted MRI (DWI) to better detect and diagnose breast cancer, and developing MRI techniques for early detection of treatment response.

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Sudhakar Pipavath , MD

Email: snjp@u.washington.edu

Phone: (206) 543-3320

Dr. Pipavath is a UW assistant professor of radiology whose clinical interests include imaging of lung diseases, including interstitial lung disease, lung cancer and acute pulmonary thromboembolism (PE). He is also conducting research on imaging of interstitial lung disease and acute PE.

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Habib Rahbar , MD

Email: hrahbar@uw.edu

Phone: (206) 288-1257

Dr. Rahbar has clinical expertise in radiology, breast imaging and breast cancer. His goal is to identify breast cancer at the earliest possible stage to improve outcomes.

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Timothy Randolph , PhD

Email: trandolp@fredhutch.org

Phone: (206) 667-1079

Dr. Randolph's current research focuses on processing, classification and analysis of high-dimensional and/or functional data output from protein mass spectrometry, genetic assays and a variety of spectroscopies and imaging modalities. His other interests include methods for the analysis of networks used to describe gene and/or protein interactions.

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George Sandison , PhD

Email: sandison@u.washington.edu

Dr. Sandison's research is focused on radiation transport theory for dose and RBE computation and radiation therapy motion management and quantitative imaging analysis.

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Brenda Sandmaier , MD

Email: bsandmai@fredhutch.org

Phone: (206) 667-4961

Dr. Sandmaier is interested in stem cell engraftment in MHC-matched and mismatched transplants. In addition, she also focuses on the development of nonmyeloablative conditioning regimens.

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John Scheel , MD, PhD

Email: jrs4yg@u.washington.edu

Phone: (206) 288-1452

Dr. Scheel is a radiologist in the Breast Imaging department.

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Dennis Shaw , MD

Email: ddshaw@u.washington.edu

Phone: (206) 987-2786

Dr. Shaw's research interests include neuro-oncologic imaging, including brain proton magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). He investigates the application of MR imaging and MR spectroscopy to gain a greater understanding of central nervous system development and function. His current research projects focus on autism, mitochondrial disease, and abnormal cerebellar and brainstem development.

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Jennifer Specht , MD

Email: jspecht@uw.edu

Phone: (206) 288-6889

Dr. Specht's research interests include Molecular Imaging with FDG PET and DCE-MRI to understand in vivo biology of locally-advanced and inflammatory breast cancer and Triple-negative (ER, PR, and HER2 negative) breast cancer. Dr. Specht serves as the liaison for Phase 1 Clinical Trials and conducts Phase 1 trials in breast oncology.

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Maria Tretiakova , MD, PhD

Email: mariast@uw.edu

Phone: (206) 897-4294

Dr. Tretiakova's clinical specialty is general surgical pathology with special emphasis on genitourinary pathology. Her main research interests are focused on prostate, kidney and bladder cancer biomarkers and novel therapeutic targets using tissue microarrays, immunohistochemistry, molecular pathology, and digital imaging. In addition to clinical and research activities, Dr. Tretiakova directs the Diagnostic Pathology clerkship and coordinates residents/fellows rotations at the Harborview Medical Center.

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Carolyn Wang , PhD

Email: wangcl@u.washington.edu

Phone: (206) 288-2173

Dr. Wang is a clinical assistant professor in the Department of Radiology at the University of Washington. She also practices at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA).

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Ruikang Wang , PhD

Email: wangrk@uw.edu

Phone: (206) 616-5025

Dr. Wang's research examines the behavior and properties of light and the interaction of light with biological tissues as a means to measure/image the properties of tissue, both morphological, functional and molecular, particularly the microvascular response.

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Paul Wiggins , PhD

Email: pwiggins@uw.edu

Phone: (626) 437-3761

Dr. Wiggins's research group focuses on achieving a greater understanding of how biological systems function and are structured at the microscopic scale. In particular, he is focused on Bacterial cell biology, chromosome structure and bacterial ultra-structure; quantitative Imaging; and DNA/membrane statistical mechanics.

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D. Scott Wilbur , PhD

Email: dswilbur@uw.edu

Phone: (206) 616-9246

Dr. Wilbur's expertise is in radiochemistry and bioconjugation chemistry, which I use to help develop agents for radioimmunotherapy.Dr. Wilbur's research is focused on the development of new reagents for Molecular Radiotherapy, preparation of bioconjugate reagents for collaborations, production of At-211 and At-labeled compounds for collaborations, automation of the Production of At-211, and production of high specific activity radionuclides by cyclotron irradiations.

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Xiaoming Yang , MD, PhD, FSIR

Email: xmyang@uw.edu

Phone: 206-685-6967

Dr. Yang is a UW professor and director of image-guided bio-molecular interventions research in the Department of Radiology at the University of Washington School of Medicine. Dr. Yang has created several new concepts and technologies on medical imaging and interventional radiology in the world, including developments of intraluminal MR imaging and interventions, MRI-tracking of stem cells in vascular diseases, imaging of vascular gene therapy, and interventional molecular imaging.

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Evan Yu , MD

Email: evanyu@u.washington.edu

Phone: (206) 288-6292

Dr. Yu, a medical oncologist, treats prostate, bladder and testicular cancer, and is passionate about providing a personalized medicinal approach to a selection of novel therapies as well as understanding biologic mechanisms of drug sensitivity and resistance.

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William Yuh , MD

Email: wyuh@uw.edu

Phone: (206) 543-3320

Dr. Yuh's interests and expertise are in advanced imaging for diagnosis and imaging-guided treatment of various disease entities, imaging-based disease heterogeneity, and optimizing efficacy of imaging contrast agents. During the early development phase of the magnetic resonance (MR) contrast agents, Dr. Yuh designed and conducted many clinical trials and facilitated the FDA approval of MR contrast agents, which have become essential components of current MR imaging examination. His recent research focuses on assessing tumor heterogeneity for early prediction of ultimate treatment outcome for cancer and for the collateral circulation status for triaging therapy for acute stroke.

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