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Tresa McGranahan , MD, PhD

Email: tresa@uw.edu

Dr. McGranahan is an expert in the care of patients with brain tumors as well as patients with cancer that have spread to the brain or spinal cord from other parts of the body. She also specializes in the effects of cancer and cancer treatments on the nervous system. Her clinical interests are in primary brain tumors, brain metastases, chemotherapy induced neuropathy and paraneoplastic disorders. Her research interests include clinical trials for primary and metastatic brain and spinal tumors.

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Wei Wei , PhD

Email: wwei@systemsbiology.org

Phone: (206) 732-1221

The Wei group works in the highly cross-disciplinary field of BioMEMS, molecular and cellular analysis, and systems biomedicine. These joint efforts allow us to integrate single cell technologies with other biotechnological tools and computational approaches to investigate cutting-edge cancer biology questions with a balance between discovery and clinical translation. Specifically, we are interested in the following three areas: 1) Single-cell multi-omics tools and associated multivariate computational approaches for interrogating the heterogeneous tumor cells and immune cells at multiple bimolecular levels; 2) Epigenetic remodeling and signaling network dynamics associated with cell state transition and resistance development in epigenetically plastic tumors; 3) Liquid biopsy-based rare cell analysis for cancer metastasis and immunotherapy.

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