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Jan Abkowitz , MD

Email: janabk@u.washington.edu

Phone: (206) 685-7877

Dr. Abkowitz' work is focused on research in hematopoietic stem cells, erythropoiesis, heme physiology, marrow failure, myelodysplasia (MDS) and the clonal evolution of leukemia.

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Adam Alessio , PhD

Email: aalessio@uw.edu

Phone: (206) 543-2419

Dr. Alessio works with CT and PET cardiac perfusion imaging, protocol optimization for PET and CT, and tomographic image reconstruction problems with a particular interest in statistical issues regarding data analysis, organization, and reconstruction.

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Yoshimi Anzai , MD, MPH

Email: anzai@u.washington.edu

Phone: (206) 598-8188

Dr. Yoshimi is the Professor of Radiology at University of Washington. Dr. Anzai utilizes various neuroimaging equipment and techniques to diagnose neurological diseases present in the nervous system, head, neck and spine. Her research interests include, hypoxia imaging using metabolic and vascular uncoupling for head and neck cancer, Multicenter trial AC RIN 6685 for head and neck cancer for N0 neck, evaluation of brain iron deposition in Parkinson Disease and Traumatic Brain Injury, and imaging assessment of cochlear implants.In addition, she conducts health services research in radiology, such as how imaging effects treatment decisions, patient outcomes/wellness, or overall costs in various diseases in cancer or neurodegenerative diseases.

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Christina Baik , MD, MPH

Email: cbaik@fredhutch.org

Phone: (206) 288-7557

Dr. Baik's clinical interests are in lung, head and neck cancers. She is particularly interested in the development of molecular targeted therapies in lung cancer. Her research interests include: Targeted therapy in non-small cell lung cancer, immunotherapy, chemoprevention and identification of risk factors in non-small cell lung cancer particularly in never smokers, and the role of estrogen pathway in non-small cell lung cancers.

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Geoffrey Baird , MD, PhD

Email: gbaird@uw.edu

Phone: (206)744-9787

Dr. Baird's clinical interests include laboratory test utilization, molecular diagnostics, proteomics and immunohistochemistry. His group has developed a new proteomic technology for biomarker discovery in a range of diseases such as malignancies, cardiovascular disorders, and inflammatory conditions. One application of their technology is to discover protein expression changes associated with non-small cell lung cancer that have implications for diagnosis and treatment.

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Brittany Barber , MD, MSc, FRCSC

Email: bbarber1@uw.edu

Dr. Barber's clinical interests include head and neck cancer surgery, robotic surgery, and salivary and endocrine surgery. She has a special interest in reconstructive surgery for skin cancers. Her research interests include quality improvement in free flap reconstruction, peripheral nerve regeneration, cancer genomics, and HPV-related oropharyngeal cancer treatment.

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Kevin Barry , PhD

Email: kbarry@fredhutch.org

Phone: (206) 667-7811

Dr. Barry aims to determine how innate immune cells recognize cancer and regulate immune responses. He previously identified a novel set of immune cells that regulate immune responses that protect patients from melanoma. The number of these cells in a patient’s tumor can identify those patients who will benefit the most from immunotherapy. Dr. Barry and his team are learning more about the signals that control this set of innate immune cells in cancer. His goal is to generate novel therapies to increase cancer-killing immune responses and save lives from cancer.

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Carolyn Baylor , PhD

Email: cbaylor@u.washington.edu

Phone: (206) 755-2247

Dr. Baylor's clinical interests include voice disorders, head and neck cancer, and neurogenic communication disorders. Her research interests include accessibility of healthcare and other settings to adults with communication disorders, other voice issues (vocal fold paralysis; spasmodic dysphonia), and measuring the functional impact of these disorders on people's lives.

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Kathleen Bell , MD

Email: krbell@u.washington.edu

Phone: (206) 685-0935

Dr. Bell's area of interest and expertise has always been neuro-rehabilitation. Her clinical interests include traumatic brain injury (behavior management, headaches, sleep disorders, outcome), stroke, brain tumors and medically complex patients. Her research areas are: self management techniques for persons with brain injury, exercise and depression after brain injury, and headache and sleep disorders after brain injury.

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Daniel Berg , MD

Email: danberg@uw.edu

Phone: (206) 598-6647

Dr. Berg's research interests include looking at skin cancer (diagnostics and treatment) in organ transplant patients and educational research including virtual reality simulation for dermatologic surgery; cutaneous laser surgery; cosmetic dermatologic surgery (including hair transplantation, tumescent liposuction).

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Irwin Bernstein , MD

Email: ibernste@fredhutch.org

Phone: (206) 667-1212

The research in Dr. Bernstein's lab has primarily focused on developmental aspects of hematopoiesis with the specific goal of developing novel therapeutic modalities.

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Slobodan Beronja , PhD

Email: beronja@fredhutch.org

Phone: (206) 667-7609

Dr. Beronja's group studies molecular and cellular mechanisms essential for tissue growth during development and the formation of tumors. His goal is to identifying genes and gene pathways that can be used as targets in cancer therapy.

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Parveen Bhatti , PhD

Email: pbhatti@fredhutch.org

Phone: (206) 667-7803

Dr. Bhatti's research focus is on occupational and environmental epidemiology of cancer with a focus in biomarkers of exposure, susceptibility and disease; particularly genetic susceptibility to cancer following low dose exposure to occupational or medical ionizing radiation.

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Amit Bhrany , MD

Email: abhrany@u.washington.edu

Phone: (206) 543-5230

Dr. Bhrany is a head and neck surgeon who focuses on facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, especially for cancer patients. Dr. Bhrany treats head and neck patients, including those with melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers. A significant portion of his practice focuses on reconstruction of the face, head, and neck after cancer surgery.

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Lynn Bonham , PhD

Email: lbonham@seattlecca.org

Phone: (206)288-2022

Dr. Bonham directs and manages Cellular Therapeutics at SCCA, which processes cells from peripheral blood, bone marrow and cord blood for standard transplantations and clinical trials for cancer treatment.

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Roger Brent , PhD

Email: rbrent@fredhutch.org

Phone: (206) 667-1482

Dr. Brent studies the quantitative operation of the systems that living cells use to sense, represent, transmit, and act upon information to make decisions that determine their future fates. He specifically studies prototypic cell signaling systems in budding yeast and the pheromone response system; he has extended similar work to systems operating in single cells of tissues in a metazoan, Caenorhabditis elegans.

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James (Jim) Brinkley , MD, PhD

Email: brinkley@u.washington.edu

Phone: (206) 543-3954

Dr. Brinkley's primary research interest is biomedical informatics - the representation, management, sharing, visualization and utilization of neuroscience data and knowledge. He is the founder of the field of Structural Informatics, which has as its goal the development of methods for representing the structure of the body at multiple levels of detail, as for using these methods for organizing and integrating biomedical information. His aim is to find ways to represent the structure or the body in computer-readable form, and find ways to associate these representations with the myriad biomedical data that are available. His goal is to provide a structural information framework for integrating a huge variety of big and small biomedical data. Dr. Brinkley's projects have included anatomy education, brain mapping through the national Human Brain Project, cardiovascular data integration, clinical trials data integration through the national Clinical translational Science Awards, radiological image annotation and integration through the RadLex project, and craniofacial malformations data integration through the national FaceBase consortium. He is also interested in developing web-accessible computer applications utilizing these representations to solve practical problems in clinical medicine, research and education.

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David Byrd , MD

Email: byrd@u.washington.edu

Phone: (206) 543-7512

Dr. Byrd’s clinical interests are in the areas of surgical oncology, endocrine neoplasms (thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal), gastrointestinal and pancreatic cancers, breast cancer, melanoma. His research interests are to study the molecular changes in pancreatic cancer, genetic and clinical studies on melanoma, and lymphatic mapping in breast cancer and melanoma. He is an expert in many surgical procedures, including the Whipple procedure used in pancreas cancer treatment.

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Mac Cheever , MD

Email: mcheever@fredhutch.org

Phone: (206) 667-4141

Dr. Cheever's specialty is in the areas of medical oncology, immunotherapy and solid tumor research. His current research interests are in conducting cancer clinical trials to develop and test new immunotherapies. He also interested on developing the principles of T cell therapy, cancer antigen discovery and development of cancer vaccines, especially for breast cancer.

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Chu Chen , PhD, NRCC, DABCC

Email: cchen@fredhutch.org

Phone: (206) 667-6644

Dr. Chen's research interests include the identification of 1) diagnostic and prognostic markers to aid personalized management of head and neck cancer based on gene expression profiles, loss of heterozygosity, DNA copy number, and tissue microarray data.; and 2) determinants for the susceptibility to and survival from cancers of the head and neck, lung, endometrium, breast, prostate and testes through investigations into lifestyle factors, endogenous and environmental exposures, and genetic and epigenetic influences.

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