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Jan Abkowitz , MD

Email: janabk@u.washington.edu

Phone: (206) 685-7877

Dr. Abkowitz' work is focused on research in hematopoietic stem cells, erythropoiesis, heme physiology, marrow failure, myelodysplasia (MDS) and the clonal evolution of leukemia.

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Alice Berger , PhD

Email: ahberger@fredhutch.org

Phone: (206) 667-6281

The goal of the Berger laboratory is to enable precision medicine by systematically uncovering the molecular alterations in cancer, determining the function of these variant alleles, and understanding how these alleles modulate response to targeted or immune-based therapies. Although many of the genes involved in cancer have now been identified, a major challenge is discovering which specific alleles of these genes are involved and how these alleles modulate therapeutic response. We combine functional genomics, computational biology, biochemistry, and genetics to understand the mechanism of somatic cancer variants. Our goal is to identify drug targets and biomarkers and to translate this knowledge into clinical benefit for patients.

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Aude Chapuis , MD

Email: achapuis@fredhutch.org

Phone: (206) 667-4369

Dr. Chapuis’ translational research laboratory is developing novel ways to modulate the immune system to target cancer. Her research is especially focused on 1) understanding the factors associated with successful “adoptive” transfer of immune T cells and improving the therapeutic efficacy of both natural (native) and gene-modified T cells targeting viral and tumor antigens, and 2) developing methods that improve the survival, proliferation and anti-tumor activity of infused T cells so as to better eliminate tumor targets. These advances are in turn used to 3) develop clinical strategies to optimally activate therapeutic T cells to specifically eliminate cancer in patients, without the noxious side effects of chemotherapy.

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Thomas Chauncey , MD

Email: tchaunce@u.washington.edu

Dr. Chauncey is a medical oncologist who treats leukemia with bone marrow transplantation.

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Eric Chow , MD, MPH

Email: ericchow@uw.edu

Phone: (206) 667-7724

Dr. Chow studies late effects related to pediatric cancer and blood disorder therapy.

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Bruce Clurman , MD, PhD

Email: bclurman@fredhutch.org

Phone: (206) 667-4524

Dr. Clurman's studies the pathways that regulate cell growth and division in order to understand the molecular mechanisms that drive tumorigenesis and to develop new cancer therapies. His research focuses on two general areas: cellular regulation by the ubiquitin-proteasome system, and control of cell division by cyclin-dependent kinases (CDKs).His clinical practice is focused on hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

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Laura Connelly-Smith , MBBCh, DM

Email: lauracs1@seattlecca.org

Phone: (206) 288-6938

Dr. Connelly-Smith's research is focused on the procurement of hematopoietic stem cells; therapeutic apheresis; ECP; AML; and hyperleukocytosis.

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H. Joachim Deeg , MD

Email: jdeeg@fredhutch.org

Phone: (206) 667-5985

Dr. Deeg is interested in the pathophysiology, genetics and epigenetics of MDS (role of transcription factors in regulation). He is also interested in the inflammatory responses and GVHD (effects of alpha1 anti-trypsin [AAT]), the separation of GVHD and GVL effects by AAT, and iron and allogeneic responses (in vitro, in vivo).

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David Fredricks , MD

Email: dfredric@fredhutch.org

Phone: (206) 667-1935

Dr. Fredricks's lab has identified several fastidious bacterial species that are useful markers of BV and are associated with adverse health outcomes. They are using novel cultivation methods to propagate some of these bacteria in the lab, and study how indigenous microbes interact with each other and the human host. He is currently looking for collaboration in molecular biology, microbiology, immunology, and cell biology. He is also looking for collaborators to focus on clinical epidemiology by studying microbial ecology in different human hosts.

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Ted Gooley , PhD

Email: tgooley@fredhutch.org

Phone: (206) 667-6533

Dr. Gooley's research is focused on clinical trials and methods of data analysis in stem cell transplantation.

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Philip Greenberg , MD

Email: pgreen@u.washington.edu

Phone: (206) 543-8306

Dr. Greenberg's laboratory is involved in studies elucidating the immunobiology of host T cell responses to infectious viruses and transformed cells. His group used adoptive therapy approach with cloned T cells to both, elucidate the immunobiology of human malignancies and infections and to develop novel immune-based therapies. Clinical trials of adoptive T cell therapy are now underway in patients with leukemia.

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Heather Gustafson , PhD

Email: heather.gustafson@seattlechildrens.org

Phone: (206) 884-7339

Dr. Gustafson's career has focused on harnessing existing and developing novel technology platforms that alter macrophage function through environmental manipulation. Her current research, involves engineering several macrophage phenotype targeting methods in order to understand these interactions. Her lab does this through the development of technology platforms that target specific macrophage phenotypes and alter macrophage phenotypes for therapeutic and diagnostic applications. Through the development and use of these technologies they can develop and understanding of how environmental cues impact macrophage function, how macrophage function drives disease progression and how to harness that information to engineer novel technologies to treat disease.

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Brandon Hadland , MD, PhD

Email: bhadland@fredhutch.org

Phone: (206) 667-1095

Dr. Brandon Hadland is a hematologist/oncologist and stem cell transplantation expert who treats young patients in Seattle Children’s Hospital transplant service. His research focuses on the origin of hematopoietic stem cells, which give rise to blood and immune cells. He harnesses new technologies to simultaneously analyze gene activities across the many different cell types within the physical site where the stem cells evolve and to characterize interactions between those various cells. He aims to identify the specific biological signals that trigger the formation of blood stem cells. His ultimate goal is to generate new sources of blood stem cells that could one day be used to correct inherited, blood-based diseases.

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Geoff Hill , MD, FRACP, FRCPA

Email: grhill@fredhutch.org

Phone: (206) 667-3324

Dr. Hill is a physician-scientist who specializes in blood stem cell transplantation and is one of the top authorities on graft-vs.-host disease (GVHD). In particular, he focuses on the immunological mechanisms initiating both acute and chronic forms of GVHD. His lab research is demonstrating how cytokines direct immune cells that play critical roles in transplant outcomes. He is also developing methods to integrate transplantation with other forms of cancer immunotherapy like T-cell therapy.

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Marshall Horwitz , MD, PhD

Email: horwitz@uw.edu

Phone: (206) 616-4566

Dr. Marshall Horwitz is an internist and clinical medical geneticist whose research interests relate to genetic factors predisposing to hematopoietic malignancy and the clonal evolution of cancer. The major focus of his research centers on defining the genetic origins of cancers of the blood and using that as a paradigm for further understanding development. His laboratory employs genetic mapping and sequencing strategies to identify genes responsible for familial predisposition to leukemia, lymphoma, and bone marrow failure syndromes. In related work, Dr. Horwitz's laboratory has developed a new approach for mapping cell fate during development by inferring the order in which mutations accumulate in somatic tissues.

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Billanna Hwang , MPH, DHSc

Email: bhwang@uw.edu

Dr. Hwang’s research focuses include development of immunotherapies in lung and VCA transplants, tolerance and acute/chronic rejection immunology (Tregs), pathophysiology of GVHD, NSCLC, and exosome biology (therapies, biomarker). Most recently, her group has expanded using cell and exosome based immunotherapies in Cystic Fibrosis and role of bioengineered materials to promote regeneration through exo-mechanisms.

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Teresa Hyun , MD, PhD

Email: thyun@fredhutch.org

Phone: (206) 606-1345

Dr. Hyun is a pathologist who works in hematopathology and bone marrow transplant pathology. Her clinical work involves evaluation of hematolymphoid malignancies which may require treatment with bone marrow/stem cell transplantation and monitoring of post-transplant conditions such as graft-versus-host disease as part of the clinical team treating patients at SCCA.

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Sioban Keel , MD

Email: sioban@u.washington.edu

Phone: (206) 685-2196

Dr. Keel is interested in benign red blood cell disorders, iron metabolism (including iron deficiency and hereditary hemochromatosis), acquired aplastic anemia, congenital marrow failure syndromes (including Diamond-Blackfan anemia), neurovisceral porphyrias, hemostasis and thrombosis disorders.

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Stephanie Lee , MD, MPH

Email: sjlee@fredhutch.org

Phone: (206) 667-6190

Dr. Lee is a hematologist who provides bone marrow transplants for patients with leukemia and myelodysplastic syndrome.

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Michael Linenberger , MD

Dr. Linenberger in interested in the institutional practices, policies and procedures to ensure the safe procurement of blood marrow cells from healthy donors and from patients with a variety of diseases.

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