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Andrew Cowan , MD

Email: ajcowan@fredhutch.org

Phone: (206) 667-7348

Dr. Cowan specializes in indolent lymphomas, multiple myeloma, and AL amyloidosis and is involved in clinical trials in lymphomas.

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Damian Green , MD

Email: dgreen@fredhutch.org

Phone: (206) 667-5398

Dr. Green’s laboratory and clinical research is focused on developing new immunotherapeutic approaches to treat and ultimately eradicate multiple myeloma and lymphoma.

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Geoff Hill , MD, FRACP, FRCPA

Email: grhill@fredhutch.org

Phone: (206) 667-3324

Dr. Hill is a physician-scientist who specializes in blood stem cell transplantation and is one of the top authorities on graft-vs.-host disease (GVHD). In particular, he focuses on the immunological mechanisms initiating both acute and chronic forms of GVHD. His lab research is demonstrating how cytokines direct immune cells that play critical roles in transplant outcomes. He is also developing methods to integrate transplantation with other forms of cancer immunotherapy like T-cell therapy.

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Leona Holmberg , MD, PhD

Email: lholmber@fredhutch.org

Phone: (206) 667-6447

Dr. Holmberg is an immunologist and physician who specializes in bone marrow and blood stem cell transplantation and immunotherapy. Her research focuses on trying to augment the immune system after an autologous transplant. To test ways of reducing relapse, she is engaged in numerous clinical trials of drug combinations, including the use of immunotherapy drugs and vaccines, to bolster a patient’s post-transplant immune function.

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Edward Libby , MD

Email: elibby@seattlecca.org

Phone: (206) 288-1453

Dr. Libby's research is focused on finding new and improved treatments for patients with multiple myeloma, Waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia, amyloidosis, and lymphoma.

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David Maloney , MD, PhD

Email: dmaloney@fredhutch.org

Phone: (206) 667-5616

Dr. Maloney applies the latest research on new treatments when treating his patients for chronic lymphocytic leukemia, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and multiple myeloma.

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Daniel Martin , MD

Email: dmartin@seattlecca.org

Phone: (206) 288-1284

Dr. Martin is a hematologist who treats lymphomas, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, multiple myeloma, and non-malignant blood disorders.

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Sherilyn Tuazon , MD, MS

Email: stuazon@fredhutch.org

Phone: (206) 667-5479

Dr. Sherilyn Tuazon is developing better treatments for people with multiple myeloma. Her primary research goal is to create novel cellular therapies that provide lasting remissions and cures for multiple myeloma patients, with a focus on blood stem cell transplantation and immunotherapies, such as genetically modified T-cell therapies and radioimmunotherapy.

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