genomics/genetics , transcriptomics , proteomics , synthetic biology , evolution , causal inference , clustering , software/web development , visualization (graphics, computer animation) , motif detection , data management/integration , gene duplication , miRNA , regulatory networks , microarrays , prevention (early detection) , education , University of Washington Medicine , Institute Systems Biology , University of Washington School of Medicine


Dr. Baliga leads a group which builds predictive models of complex biological phenomena that can be used to guide cells in the fight against disease, they have established numerous collaborations to apply this methodology to wide-ranging problems from climate change to cancer. In ongoing research, Dr. Baliga is applying advanced methods to the study of brain cancer (glioblastoma multiforme) to gain insights into human disease to improve prevention, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment.


Institute Systems Biology Senior Vice President and Director
University of Washington Molecular and Cellular Biology Professor
University of Washington School of Medicine Microbiology Professor
University of Washington Biology Professor