Aasthaa Bansal PhD

genomics/genetics , proteomics , epidemiology , mathematics/statistics , causal inference , methods development , multivariate analysis , simulations , machine learning , biomarker discovery , personalized medicine , longitudinal studies , prevention (early detection) , risk (susceptibility, exposure) , diagnosis , prognosis , treatments (intervention) , outcome (survival) , University of Washington School of Pharmacy


Dr. Bansal's research interests include the statistical evaluation of biomarkers and medical tests for disease prognosis and treatment selection. In addition to her background developing statistical methodology, she was involved in collaborative research at the Center for Biomedical Statistics from 2009 to 2013. While there, Bansal worked with academic investigators on the statistical analysis of studies in colon cancer screening, esophageal cancer treatment, institutional profiling, chronic illness management and juvenile arthritis.


University of Washington School of Pharmacy Pharmacy Research Assistant Professor