Stephen DeRosa MD

Flow cytometry , immunology , vaccines , clinical trials , Fred Hutch


Dr. DeRosa's research focuses on the flow cytometric characterization of T cells induced by candidate T cell vaccines tested within the HIV Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN). HIs lab has developed assays that examine multiple T cell markers and functions simultaneously. An ultimate goal of his research is to identify the characteristic features of effective immune responses. Recent studies in his laboratory related to the failure of the vaccines tested in the Step trial have resulted in a broader examination of the potential impact of vaccinations on the immune system. Dr. DeRosa is examining T cells that are specific for the vaccine vector. His team is also developing methods to identify regulatory or suppressive T cells that can potentially be induced by vaccination.


Fred Hutch Vaccine and Infectious Disease Associate Professor,
University of Washington School of Medicine Laboratory Medicine Research Assistant Professor
Fred Hutch HIV Vaccine Trials Network Flow Cytometery Lab Director