Adam Drewnowski PhD

epidemiology , nutrition , methods development , cognition , clinical trials , longitudinal studies , social networks , diversity , prevention (early detection) , environmental factors (exercise, smoking) , risk (susceptibility, exposure) , policy , education , University of Washington School of Public Health , Fred Hutch , Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center


Dr. Drewnowski's interests are in the characterization of dietary patterns, nutrition economics, spatial distribution of obesity rates; and in the development of new metrics to identify foods that are nutrient dense, affordable and sustainable. He currently examines social determinants of health, focusing on the mechanisms behind the observed social gradient in diet quality and body weight. He has developed new methods to estimate monetary costs of individual diets, opening the door to new research on diet quality in relation to diet cost; and his studies on healthy food access make use of GIS techniques and new methods on spatial epidemiology to determine who shops for food where, why, how far from home and for how much.


University of Washington School of Public Health Epidemiology Professor