Min Fang MD, PhD

genomics/genetics , epigenetics , mutation , chromatin structure (histones, centromere, telomere) , biomarker discovery , microarrays , single-cell assays , personalized medicine , heredity , prevention (early detection) , diagnosis , prognosis , outcome (survival) , Seattle Cancer Care Alliance , Fred Hutch , University of Washington School of Medicine


Dr. Fang's research focus is on the genomics and combinatorial genetics/epigenetics of human neoplasia. She is combining classical genetic approaches of mapping, karyotyping, and functional genetics with new genomic tools including microarray, comparative genome hybridization, and next-generation sequencing, to identify genetic and epigenetic aberrations in cancer that may serve as actionable biomarkers for treatment decision making for individual patients.


University of Washington School of Medicine Pathology Associate Professor
University of Washington School of Medicine Laboratory Medicine Adjunct Associate Professor
Fred Hutch Clinical Research Associate Professor
Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Cytogenetics Director