Glenda Gray MBBCH, FCPAED (SA), DSc (Honoris Causa)

Fred Hutch , University of Witwatersrand , Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center , South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC)


Professor Glenda Gray is both a pediatrician and a well-regarded scientist in the field of HIV prevention, specifically HIV vaccines and prevention of mother to child transmission. She is currently studying HIV-related malignancies but is very passionate about finding a vaccine for HIV, more specifically one that can control HIV. While in South Africa Professor Gray has been involved in the development of two HIV vaccines, both currently in clinical trials and hopes in the future she can help to optimize the vaccines. She holds many positions, one being the President and CEO of the Medical Research Council of South Africa. Among many awards and honors received, Professor Gray has been awarded the Nelson Mandel Health and Human Rights Award for her work in the field of mother to child transmission of HIV-1. Professor Gray is very passionate about developing the next generation of scientists in South Africa.


University of Witwatersrand Perinatal HIV Research Unit, Wits Health Consortium Executive Director
University of Witwatersrand Pediatrics Research Professor
Fred Hutch Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division Visiting Investigator
South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) President & CEO