Prostate cancer , Cytoskeleton alterations , AIM1


Dr. Haffner’s lab focuses on elucidating alterations of the cytoskeleton in solid tumors with a focus on prostate cancer. For instance, they have recently described a novel protein, named AIM1 that regulates cytoskeletal organization by binding to actin, a major component of the cytoskeleton. When AIM1 is present, the cells' scaffolding keeps it rigid and correct shape. When AIM1 is lost, cells can remodel their cytoskeleton more frequently, change their shape and become capable of invading and migrating to distant locations. Notably, AIM1 function is disrupted in many solid tumors and genomic alterations of AIM1 are associated with aggressive tumor growth. The goal of these studies is to understand the mechanisms that govern changes in cell architecture to explore such cancer specific changes for therapeutic targeting.


Fred Hutch Human Biology Division Assistant Professor
Fred Hutch Clinical Research Division Assistant Professor
UW Medicine Pathology Assistant Professor