Synthetic Biology , synthetic biology , simulations , modeling , software/web development , regulatory networks , signaling pathways , flow/FACS


Dr. Klavins is an associate professor of electrical engineering at the University of Washington in Seattle. He holds adjunct appointments in Computer Science and Engineering and in Bioengineering and is the Director for the UW Center for Synthetic Biology. Until approximately 2008, Klavins' research was primarily in computer science and control systems, focusing on stochastic processes, robotics and self-assembly. At about this time, he learned the basics of genetic engineering of the next few years switched entirely fields to synthetic biology and now runs an interdisplinary group of engineers, biologists, experimentalists, and theorists -- all focused on engineering life. His current projects include synthetic multicellular systems with engineered bacteria and yeast, modeling and design for synthetic multicellular systems, and laboratory automation.


University of Washington Electrical Engineering Associate Professor
University of Washington Bioengineering/Computer Science and Engineering Adjunct Professor