Julie McElrath MD, PhD

immunology , inflammation , pathogen , sequencing (RNAseq, exome, ChIP, WGS) , flow/FACS , clinical trials , longitudinal studies


Dr. McElrath's lab investigates how components of T-cell immunity elicited early in HIV-1 infection contribute to control of HIV-1 disease, what the influence of antiretroviral therapy is, whether T-cell immune responses are involved in resistance to HIV-1 infection in high-risk persons, how antigen-specific mucosal T cells protect against HIV-1 exposure, and what elements of immunity correlate with protection against HIV-1 infection by vaccine.


Fred Hutch Vaccine and Infectious Disease Senior Vice President, Director and Professor
Fred Hutch Clinical Research Professor
University of Washington School of Medicine Allergy and Infectious Disease Professor
University of Washington School of Medicine Pathobiology, Global Health, Laboratory Medicine Adjunct Professor