Peter Nelson MD

genomics/genetics , transcriptomics , proteomics , bio/chemistry , pathology , splicing , differentiation , metastasis , DNA damage/repair , hormones , biomarker discovery , development/aging , inflammation , signaling pathways , microarrays , drug development/application , personalized medicine , clinical trials , diagnosis , prognosis


Dr. Nelson is an oncologist specializing in therapies for early- and late-stage prostate cancer, pathology, and genome sciences. The focus of current work in the Nelson lab involves efforts to uncover how prostate cancer forms. The goal is to create tools to diagnose the onset of prostate cancer, develop prognostic strategies, and help develop more effective therapies for treating this disease.


Fred Hutch Human Biology and Clinical Research Professor
University of Washington School of Medicine Medical Oncology Professor
Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Genitourinary Oncology Clinical Research Director