Daniel Raftery PhD

Metabolomics , nutrition , mathematics/statistics , methods development , multivariate analysis , translation , mitochondria , lipids , biomarker discovery , metabolism , MassSpec , NMR , personalized medicine , prevention (early detection) , environmental factors (exercise, smoking) , diagnosis , surveillance


Dr. Raftery is an expert in the field of metabolomics, the study of small molecules involved in the metabolism of biological systems, cells, animals and humans. His research focuses on the development of advanced analytical tools and statistical methodologies for profiling metabolites in complex biological samples. He has applied these analytic approaches and demonstrated their utility for early detection of several types of cancer, as well as their utility in researching diabetes and heart disease.


University of Washington School of Medicine Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine Professor
University of Washington Chemistry Adjunct Professor
Fred Hutch Public Health Sciences - Translational Research Program Professor