Walter Ruzzo PhD

genomics/genetics , transcriptomics , mathematics/statistics , methods development , machine learning , clustering , combinatorics , software/web development , miRNA , ncRNA , sequencing (RNAseq, exome, ChIP, WGS)


Dr. Ruzzo's research is focused on development of computational methods and tools applicable to practical problems in molecular biology, an increasingly data-rich discipline. Recent work has focused on analysis of high throughput sequencing data, such as chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIPseq) and transcriptomic (RNAseq) data, including development of new methods for mapping, assembly, bias correction, isoform quantitation, and motif discovery. New methods for finding noncoding RNA (ncRNA) genes are also being actively developed.


University of Washington Computer Science and Engineering Professor
University of Washington Genome Sciences Adjunct Professor