Nina Salama PhD

genomics/genetics , transcriptomics , proteomics , bio/chemistry , phylogenetics , gene duplication , recombination , differentiation , metastasis , DNA damage/repair , inflammation , pathogen , signaling pathways , sequencing (RNAseq, exome, ChIP, WGS) , high throughput screens , microfluidics , tissue engineering


Dr. Salama's lab is interested in the mechanisms by which this bacterium can establish and maintain a chronic infection in the unusual environment of the human stomach and the molecular cross talk between the host and the bacteria during the decades long infection. The activation of host cell processes, either through direct action of bacterial products or as part of the host's attempt to contain the infection presumably causes the different diseases associated with H. pylori infection. To approach this complex problem, the lab is using both global and molecular approaches.


Fred Hutch Human Biology and Public Health Sciences Professor
University of Washington School of Medicine Microbiology Affiliate Professor