Janet Stanford PhD

Cancer prevention , genomics , epigenomics , genomics/genetics , epigenetics , transcriptomics , epidemiology , nutrition , GWAS , mutation , translation , metastasis , DNA damage/repair , hormones , lipids , biomarker discovery , inflammation , sequencing (RNAseq, exome, ChIP, WGS) , demographics (pedigrees, elderly, pediatric) , heredity , prevention (early detection) , environmental factors (exercise, smoking) , risk (susceptibility, exposure) , diagnosis , prognosis , outcome (survival) , surveillance


Dr. Stanford's research interests are in chronic disease epidemiology, specifically prostate cancer. She has worked on population-based case-control studies of risk factors (environmental, lifestyle, and genetic) for prostate cancer, studies of risk factors for prostate cancer recurrence/progression/mortality, studies of quality of life and function in prostate cancer survivors, and genetic susceptibility to sporadic and hereditary prostate cancer.


University of Washington School of Public Health Epidemiology Research Professor
Fred Hutch Public Health Sciences Professor
University of Washington School of Public Health Urology Adjunct Research Professor