Stephen Tapscott MD, PhD

genomics/genetics , epigenetics , transcriptomics , stochastic process , differentiation , chromatin structure (histones, centromere, telomere) , biomarker discovery , development/aging , sequencing (RNAseq, exome, ChIP, WGS) , high throughput screens , MassSpec , RNAi/siRNA/shRNA


Dr. Tapscott's research focuses on the regulation of gene expression during the development of muscle and the nervous system and how this relates to cancers and degenerative diseases of brain and muscle. He has translational research programs in cell and gene therapy for muscular dystrophies and clinical studies to identify the mechanisms of facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy.


Fred Hutch Human Biology and Clinical Research Professor
University of Washington School of Medicine Neurology Professor
University of Washington School of Medicine Pathology Adjunct Professor