Peter Tarczy-Hornoch MD, FACMI

genomics/genetics , physiology , Bayesian statistics , simulations , modeling , ontologies , relational databases , biorepository , personalized medicine , clinical trials , longitudinal studies


Dr. Tarczy-Hornoch's current research focuses on data integration of biomedical and health data. This includes looking at ways of handling semi structured data, representing uncertainty at various levels in the system, and doing computerized reasoning over integrated data. The main problems he is focusing on are large scale functional gene annotation of bacteria and protozoans; single-nucleotide polymorphisms for elucidation of disease mechanisms; expression array experiment analysis; and research in the area of collaborative integrated analysis of a combination of clinical data, experimental biological data, and clinical/translational research study data.


University of Washington School of Medicine Biomedical Informatics and Medical Education, Pediatrics, Medical Information and Biomedical Informatics Professor
University of Washington Computer Science and Engineering Adjunct Professor