Lue-Ping Zhao PhD

genomics/genetics , epigenetics , transcriptomics , immunology , epidemiology , mathematics/statistics , non-parametric models , Bayesian statistics , causal inference , GWAS , QTL , likelihood methods , Markov models , latent structure , multivariate analysis , simulations , machine learning , modeling , sparsity (missing data) , information theory , numerical analysis , software/web development , visualization (graphics, computer animation) , data management/integration , mutation , biomarker discovery , biomimetics , personalized medicine , clinical trials , longitudinal studies , heredity , environmental factors (exercise, smoking) , risk (susceptibility, exposure) , diagnosis , prognosis , treatments (intervention) , outcome (survival) , cost efficacy , surveillance


Being trained in biostatistics/bioinformatics, epidemiology and genetics, Dr. Zhao's current interest in STTR includes how to use omics methodology to dissect solid tumor etiology and mechanism with either expression arrays, SNP arrays, or short-read sequencing methods. Further, he is interested in utilizing large and complex electronic medical records with modern genomic technologies for translational bioinformatics studies.


Fred Hutch Public Health Sciences Professor
University of Washington School of Public Health Biostatistics Affiliated Professor
University of Washington School of Public Health Epidemiology Affiliated Professor
Fred Hutch Genetic Epidemiology and Microarray Technology Affinity Group Head