Yingye Zheng PhD

mathematics/statistics , non-parametric models , methods development , likelihood methods , multivariate analysis , longitudinal studies , risk (susceptibility, exposure) , diagnosis , prognosis , treatments (intervention) , outcome (survival) , cost efficacy , surveillance


Dr. Zheng's research interests have been in the statistical methods for longitudinal data with time-to-event outcome, with a focus on using semi-parametric methods for estimating time-dependent ROC curves which are useful for evaluating the ability of longitudinal biomarkers or algorithms to identify cancer early, or signal disease prognosis. Her work is also focused on statistical methods for family-based genetic association studies. She is presently providing support to a number of research proposals and applications in the cancer prevention research program, including serving as an investigator in the DMCC of the Early Detection Research Network.


Fred Hutch Public Health Sciences - Biostatistics Professor
University of Washington School of Public Health Biostatistics Professor